The Beginning.

Okay, so it’s not strictly the beginning. I first started a blog when I was a teenager, but that fell by the wayside like so many other things. However, a recent little project with Vintage Life Magazine has reawakened my love for writing so here we are.

I’m not really sure what I can tell you to expect. I have a lot of little interests that will probably crop up on here. I have always been interested in the past, so there’ll be lots of vintage things plus probably some history and archaeology. I’m a big foodie so expect to see lots of those Instagram style food posts that make people on Facebook say “Why do I want to see what you had for tea, Deborah?” (who’s Deborah?). I like a bit of cutting edge culture too. I like to be vocal about feminism and striving for a better future for everyone (if you’re not into that then you should probably step away – this is a loving zone, no hate here!). There might be some mental health things on here too; I think it’s super important to be open about those things, so those posts might be brutally honest but they will come with trigger warnings and the like.

I do have a YouTube channel too. Actually I have two…I promise not to spam you with them or repeat their content, but sometimes there might be a little overlap. If you’d like to check those out that’d be absolutely lovely! My vlog channel is Hannah Cruse – Beauty + Lifestyle and my beer channel is The Handmaid’s Ale.

And for now…I think that’s about it. I don’t want to have a set schedule for this just yet, but hopefully there will be at least one post a week on something or another!

So, until then, buhbye!


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