Simple Vintage Inspired Hair Style

I’ve been styling myself with a flair of mid-century vintage for the past decade or so, but I’d be lying to say I sleep in curlers every night to create gorgeous, wavy hair on the daily. Instead, I much rather fashion some form of front roll and ponytail-bun hybrid, which still gets the air of vintage whilst needing minimum effort. This style really is my go to, and can be altered slightly to take it from day to night pretty easily – I’ll save that for another post though.

Let me guide you through, step by step, on how to achieve this simple pimple hair style, that even the most newest of beginners can get to grips with. If you’d like to see a video tutorial on this look, why not head over to my YouTube channel?

Section off the area of hair you wish to roll. Usually I find this is the bit my hairdresser has created a shorter ‘fringe’ with, but if you don’t have that just take a square of hair, about 2in x 2in, at the front of your head. I find it easy to Snapshot 1 (14-08-2018 11-03)

Sweep the remainder of your hair into a neat, smooth ponytail. Before pulling completely through on the last twist of the hairband, loop it through, and secure down with bobby pins to create a lazy chignon look. Use pomade or hairspray to flatten those fly-aways.

Snapshot 2 (14-08-2018 11-06)

Now to focus on the main event. Section your fringe into smaller sections, about 1cm/½in, and get ready to backcomb.

Snapshot 3 (14-08-2018 11-08)

I’m using a great double toothed backcomber I got from Amazon – you can get your’s here – and use a little light hold hairspray to build a little extra texture. Backcomb from the root upwards for about 2in (or more if you want a bigger, higher roll), and repeat until you get to the last section of hair.

Snapshot 4 (14-08-2018 11-09)

On the last section, don’t backcomb as much as the others, as this layer will sit on top of the roll and needs to look as smooth as possible

Snapshot 5 (14-08-2018 11-11)

It’s time to start rolling. If your hair needs a little help forming itself into a roll, grab your curling tongs and just tong the ends so it will curl under easier. Wrap the hair around two or three fingers and starting to roll it down towards the base of your hair, always making sure it is facing forwards – I like to put mine at a jaunty angle so it’s not turning into bumper bangs

Snapshot 6 (14-08-2018 11-13)

Secure with bobby pins – as many as you like! I tend to use one at the front and one at the back but sometimes a little more help is always needed

Snapshot 7 (14-08-2018 11-14)

A final spray of hairspray makes sure your new ‘do looks sleek and smooth, whilst upping its staying power. If you want to ensure its longevity, use layers of hairspray to make sure that roll is going nowhere!

Snapshot 8 (14-08-2018 11-17)

You can leave this as it is, or use it as an opportunity to accessorise. Personally, I like to pair it with a headscarf, but a spattering of hair flowers can look equally as nice.

Snapshot 9 (14-08-2018 11-18)

And a voila! A super easy to do vintage hair style that is quick enough to do every morning!

Snapshot 10 (14-08-2018 11-20)

What vintage hairstyle would you like me to show off next?

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