The Month That Was: August 2018

Wow. August absolutely flew by! It saw the birth of this blog, a few day trips, a sister emigrating to Australia and a very big change on the horizon for me.

I’ll try and keep my words brief, but I am finally excited about the last third of this year. It’s no lie if you know anything about me that I have hated 2018 with a passion. A love lost. A job ended. A life upended and reversed to teenagedom thanks to my health. But finally, yes finally, I am back on the move and getting back on track. But I’ll save that for another post when everything is finalised.

What else happened? Well it definitely was a long hot summer. A trip to Brighton was a absolute highlight; I’ve always loved that city and it was a delight to pootle around with my two mummies. If you want to check out the vlog I filmed there, then you can watch it here.

A little sojourn to Portsmouth also occured. I don’t get down to our neighbouring city enough, and I do actually enjoy my time there – a statement someone from Southampton finds very hard to admit. We did a little shopping, we ate a nice lunch (when it finally arrived mind you! Café Rouge, please sort your service out. You might be French stylee, but we don’t all have a leisurely French style lunch break), and enjoyed a coffee by the Spinnaker Tower. My mummies (actually my mum and her best friend) looked glamourous as usual.

Like I said earlier in this post, my younger sister emigrated to (or rather, back to) Australia. It’s been a testing year for us both and our sisterly relationship, but over the last month or so we grew close again, and I am so happy to see her happy once more in a place she so loves. She has started up a blog about her travels, so you should definitely go and support her too.

I’ve also been lucky enough to eat some absolutely delicious food. It seemed to have been a month of eating out! From pizzas celebrating my oldest friend buying a house (how adult of her!), to waving off my sister with a slap up lunch in Christchurch, to possibly the most amazing dinner of my life for my godsister (is that a thing? She is my godparents’ daughter) and her 18th birthday.

Finally, I completed my second month of the #onesecondaday project! I’m publishing the monthly videos on my Facebook and, now, on here, but eventually I’ll be collating them all into a long video for my YouTube channel.

And that’s that. I’m actually an autumn person, so part of me is glad that summer is over. What will September hold? Well to be truthful, I’m not sure, I know it’s going to be trying, but it’s also going to be super exciting!


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