The Big Adventure.

What a hectic old month September was.

It all started with a job offer, and an incredible chance to move to one of my favourite cities: Bristol. So off I trotted to look at potential rooms in house shares, and I found a lovely one in with some tremendous girls but, unfortunately, agencies and the like got in the way and it all fell through.


I was almost reaching panic stations at this point, knowing I only had two weeks to find a room before my start date. And then that’s when the Universe through another big opportunity my way through the medium of another job interview in my dream sector, heritage, but this time in Norwich. Major life decisions were almost upon me. But…I did not get the job (I came second, boo!) and so Bristol it is!

So now, I’m sat here typing this from my new room, with nearly everything unpacked, and my parents halfway back to Southampton.  I have a few days to get everything sorted before starting work on Wednesday. How exciting!

Hopefully, now the drama of starting a new life is over, I can finally get back to writing more frequently on here. I have a couple of back dated posts to go up, and then you can tune in to all things Bristol!

Until then!

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