‘Flour & Ash’ (aka the best pizza in Bristol)

(Ahh finally! A blog about doing something in Bristol!)

I first was taken to Flour & Ash by my lovely friend, Eeva, back in August. It was the bank holiday weekend, we were off to a (rather damp) street party, and we needed to line our bellies before the deliciousness that is cider over took the evening. Ever since that first encounter, Flour & Ash pizza has stayed in my memory banks as one of, if not the, most delicious pizza I have ever eaten. (In fact this time around, I’m pretty sure my work colleagues were getting a little annoyed at how much I kept going on about how much I was looking forward to my dinner.)

So, when my delightful pal, and fellow blogger, Stef (of Fork My Piehole) came to Bristol, me and the Gurt Gloria’l gang (minus Bethan, but plus Pete) had to take her to Flour & Ash.

What I love the most about the place is the toppings on offer. On paper you think “huh…sultanas? Really?” but put your trust in their choices because they are always a killer combo. Now, I have always gone for my fail safe: the garlic and anchovy. Do I stink afterwards? Yes, I do. Do I have any regrets? No, I do not. They have a great selection of choices for meat eaters, pescetarians, vegetarians, and even vegans. Our gang covers pretty much all of those bases, and we were left very satisfied. The pizzas are all prepared fresh and cooked in a rather toasty looking wood fire, which means they’re on your plate super quick. Look out for their seasonal variations on toppings as well as their specials!


The starters, sides and desserts also deserve a special mention. I’m usually good with just a pizza, but at this place, its well worth getting something else to accompany it because the choices are great. Jess and Stef had some scrummy tempura squash which I’m definitely going to try next time! Flour & Ash are also famous for their ice creams, gelatos and sorbets. On previous visits I’ve tried peach melba, greengage and blackberry ripple. This time around I didn’t try any, but I have it on good authority that the coconut is incredible.

Flour & Ash also has a really wide range of drinks on offer, soft and hard. I’m big into my beer and they always have a great stock of locally brewed craft beers and ales, but also a handful of ciders (this is the west country after all), and their wine list isn’t too shabby either. Soft drink wise, there is your regular sodas but also some of the up market range – the sort adults don’t mind drinking in lieu of alcohol, if you know what I mean. I do keep meaning to try their coffee, especially their affogato, but every time I am just too stuffed to put anything else in my belly.


I mean, if you hadn’t gotten the hint already by this point, I just want to really spell it out: Flour & Ash is amazing! It’s easily the best pizza in Bristol, its a local business, and the variety is incredible. I could not recommend a visit enough for whenever you visit this city! (Oh, and all pizzas are £9 before 6:30pm!)

Flour & Ash is found at 203b Cheltenham Road, Bristol, BS6 5QZ

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