Malachite Candles

Malachite Candles vegan soy wax glass container scented candle trio Rhubarb Crumble Vanilla and Rhubarb & Plum

I feel like I start every blog with "it's been a while, huh?" but this time it actually has. It's well over a year since I wrote anything personal, and that's for several reasons. One of those being that I pretty much write for a living now, which, on one hand, is great but it … Continue reading Malachite Candles

A year on.

It seems that 29th March is always "Hannah moves house day". First when I was 8, back in 2000, when my family moved into the current family home, secondly when I moved to Suffolk, and finally when I moved from Suffolk. That day was a year ago today. I won't lie to you, I don't … Continue reading A year on.